The template of 2017 IIFAS proceeding   can be downloaded  here

In 2015 at the Creating ASEAN Futures 2015: Towards Connected Cross-Border Communities  conference, the papers of presentations were collected and professionally edited which is published in an e-publication in cooperation with Andalas University. Our thanks goes to Rinaldi Sikumbang who diligently created the final version.


In the 2016 IIFAS conference Exploring Inter-regional and International Cooperation in Indonesia the UNS host university, has continued with the tradition to co-publish the presenters academic work in the 2016 conference proceedings. Our thanks goes to Renny Pujiartati and Moh. Azmi who supported in the production of the final version. 

In the 3rd 2017 IIFAS conference UII and UGM have indicated also to cooperate in the publishing of the proceedings of the conference.