The Mustafa Izzuddin Outstanding International Relations Graduate Prize recognizes final year graduating students who have demonstrated not only exceptional academic achievement but have also played leadership roles in  non-academic activities, including those overseas, during their study in the Department of International Relations, Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII). This prize, which is donated by Dr Mustafa Izzuddin, who is currently a Visiting Professor at the Department of International Relations, will continue so long as the donor is affiliated with UII.

  1. There shall be two awards given in a one-year period for graduating students. There shall not be obligation to recommend an award in the absence of suitably qualified candidates.
  2. If there is no award given in any year, the unutilized amount shall be brought forward to the following year.
  3. Each recipient shall receive a cash prize of IDR 2.000.000 and a certificate, signed by the presiding Head of Department of International Relations and the donor.
  4. No individual shall receive the award more than once.
  5. The award is based on individual accomplishment, but teamwork may be considered by the selection committee.
  6. Applications can be made to the Department once the call is made.
  7. The evaluation of applications shall be undertaken by a committee appointed by the Department and to the Head of the Department for consideration and approval.
  8. The award shall be jointly presented by the Head of Department of International Relations, Universitas Islam Indonesia and the donor or his representative, depending on availability.

Application Submission: 3 May 2021 –  6 August 2021