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Academic and Administrative Staff

Academic Staff

Our academic staff research and teach in a wide range of diverse issues and areas across the globe, cover both historical and recent sources. We examine globalisation, human security, global political economy, environmental politics, transnationalism, international politics, human rights, foreign policy making, identity politics, political systems and institutions. We critically analyse these issues in both domestic and international contexts.

Assistant Professor, Deputy Head of Department

Southeast Asian Studies, Global Political Economy, Automotive Industry Policy, Public Diplomacy

Assistant Professor, Deputy Head for Int. Program

Peace and Conflict Studies, Gender and Politics, United States Politics, United States Foreign Policy

Assistant Professor

Democracy and Civil Society, Area Studies of Southeast Asia, Study of Moving Matters, Ethnic Politics in Democracy

Assistant Professor, Head of Diplomacy Laboratory

Environmental Politics, Social Movement, Civil Society, Sustainable Development, Labor Issue

Assistant Professor

Political Islam, Islam and Foreign Policy, Indonesian Foreign Policy, Area Studies of Middle East


Identity Politics, Israel and Jewish Issues, Iran and Shiite Issues, Diplomacy, Foreign Policy, Interest Groups

Assistant Professor

Turkish Domestic and Foreign Policies, Role and Foreign Policies of Muslim Countries, South Asian Regional Politics


Global Political Economy, Critical Theories to International Relations, Chinese Foreign Policy, Disability Studies

Assistant Professor, Head of Department

Australian Politics and Foreign Policy, Global Political Economy, Trade Politics, Foreign Economic Policy


Islam and International Relations, The Islamic Approach to Contemporary Politics, and The Politics of Global Halal Industry

Assistant Professor

Islam and International Relations, Political Islam from Social Movement, Counterterrorism and Radicalism


Security Studies, Securitization, Transnational Care Work, Global Aging Population, Fragile States

Assistant Professor

Non-traditional Security, Human Security, Critical Security Studies, Strategic Studies, ASEAN Studies

Assistant Professor

Political Islam, Middle East Studies, Global Islamic Movements and Human Security in Islam

Administrative Staff

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Department Administrator

Department of International Relations
Faculty of Psychology and Socio-cultural Sciences

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